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Kielder’s very own love story

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Kielder’s very own love story

Freya’s Cabin and Robin’s Hut are part of our outdoor Art & Architecture programme. The pieces are linked by the tale of Robin and Freya who lived on opposite sides of the lake and their efforts to meet. They sit on opposite ends of the lake so that you can always see the other one to the one you are in, Freya’s cabin is very detailed and has many wood carvings on; in the tale she made her cabin as beautiful as she could to try and get Robin’s attention.

The pieces were created by Studio Weave in 2009, not only did they create stunning art pieces but they also created a beautiful story to go with them.

Best proposal spots at Kielder

Kielder has been around for over 30 years and has seen many proposals. There are so many stunning spots that it is hard to narrow it down but we have selected a few of our top spots for you:

Freya’s Cabin

Located on the south shore of the Lakeside Way and within easy walking distance of Kielder Waterside this is our top suggestion for a romantic proposal. Freya’s Cabin is one half of a piece of our art collection, the other half is Robin’s Hut. They were created around a tale of two people who lived on opposite sides of the lake, Freya made her cabin as beautiful as she could so that Robin would finally notice her and when he did they sailed off into the sunset together. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Elf Kirk View Point

The Elf Kirk view point provides you with one of the most iconic views over Kielder. Accessible by a quick detour off the Lakeside Way or by car, this would make a proposal like no other. Whether you decide to stop off on a bike ride or share a picnic it is the perfect spot to take in the stunning views and peace and quiet it is one of our most romantic spots.

Lewisburn Bridge

This suspension bridge connects the Lakeside Way over the Lewisburn and is very picturesque. You can access it as part of the Lakeside Way, it is about 4 miles from Kielder Waterside or you can park at the nearby Matthews Linn car park which is about half a mile from the bridge. This spot is more for the on the move proposal as it can get quite busy at peak times due to it being a main part of the Lakeside Way.

Under the stars

Whether it be at an observatory event or in your very own hot tub, proposing under the Kielder stars is magical. On a clear night the views from anywhere in the park are stunning and will make any proposal that extra special.

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