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Interactive Exhibition, Tower Knowe

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Interactive exhibition

A fun way to find out more about us
The exhibition centre at Tower Knowe is a fantastic insight into the heritage and history of Kielder. The interactive elements make it fun for all of the family.

Kielder has a fascinating history following its opening by the Queen in 1982. The original Kielder Valley was flooded to make way for the reservoir, with it being less than 40 years ago a lot of the members of the team that work at Kielder can remember it being built. If you want to know anything else after you have seen the exhibition just ask one of our team and if they know it or can remember they will be more than happy to help.

The exhibition allows you to see what the site of the reservoir looked like before it was built on and how the landscape changed alongside the building work.

The homeware and gift shop is next door to Tower Knowe Cafe. Once you have brushed up on our history, you can treat yourself to a hot drink and a tasty snack.


Tower Knowe

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