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Crossbow Lessons, Northumberland

Discover Crossbows at Landal Kielder Waterside.

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Discover Crossbows

Experience the powerful Crossbow with this target sport.

Learn how to fire a Crossbow under the supervision of our qualified Crossbow instructor

£20 per person Age: 12+ 45 minutes
  • Shoot a variety of targets with your very own high powered Crossbow.
  • Test your precision skills to see if you can get a bullseye!
  • Test your skills on one of the oldest sports in a fun and relaxed environment.
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Crossbow Lessons at Landal Kielder Waterside

Discover a new hobby or skill at Landal Kielder Waterside, whilst improving your aim and shooting ability with our fantastic Crossbow Lessons. Have fun alongside our qualified Crossbow instructor, who will teach you the basics and perfect your bullseye. 

What can you expect from your Crossbow training sessions at Landal Kielder Waterside? A fun filled hour within a relaxed environment, where you can shoot a variety of targets with your very own crossbow. The session will kick off with a general welcome, introduction to Crossbow along with Health and Safety to ensure you are safe throughout. 

How does a crossbow work? In simple terms a Crossbow works by pulling a trigger on the Crossbow, once this is released the string is released and pushes the bolt that has been loaded previously. In order to fire at a target, first you must load your Crossbow, you can do this by placing your foot on the cocking stirrup, simply pull the string of the bow back, once complete load the arrow in place, set your eye on the target and fire. 

Once you understand the basics of crossbows shooting, you’ll be hitting targets in no time, an exhilarating activity that anyone above the age of 12 can get involved with. 

Get involved with our Crossbow lessons at Kielder for as little as £20 per person. 


Who invented Crossbows?

Did you know Crossbows is one of the oldest sports? Dating back to 4 B.C, in both China and Greece, a great activity which has withstood the test of time. We can first see the crossbow being used in medieval battles, renowned as one of the most deadliest weapons of the time, rather than a fun filled sport you will be sure to love at Landal Kielder Waterside. Nowadays we can see Crossbows being used as a target practice and hunting in some cases. 

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  • What our customers have to say

    "Very nice quiet location, plenty to keep families entertained."

  • What our customers have to say

    "Amazing, beautiful surrondings and quiet holiday."

  • What our customers have to say

    "We had a fantastic holiday. Walked around the majority of the reservoir. Facilities were brilliant, hot tub at the lodge especially."



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