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Hints and tips

Are you new to fishing?
If you’re new to fishing:
  • Head to Tower Knowe Visitor Centre of Kielder Waterside where you can pick up the required permits or buy a fishing starter pack.
  • Go to for all the information you’ll need and also for weekly fishing reports.
Keen anglers:
  • Boat anglers should head for the Belling Inlet and Plashett’s Bay at any part of the season.
  • Bank anglers try Whickhope Inlet and downstream from Tower Knowe Visitor Centre. Small dark fly patterns are a must, fished as dropper flies with bright attractors on the point of the cast.
  • When it comes to multi-bait, the Beeches Walk at Kielder Waterside, Tower Knowe Visitor Centre and upstream of Hawkhope car park are good locations. The stream mouths at Matthew’s Linn and Whickhope are worth a try during the spring.
  • Pick up a ‘Go Fishing’ detailed guide or purchase a fishing starter pack from one of the visitor centres.



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