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Kielder Birds Of Prey

Discover Birds of Prey at Kielder Waterside

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Discover Birds of Prey

See over 60 birds plus wallabies.

See flying demonstrations, interact with the birds and learn about them from our expert.

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Birds of Prey Experience Northumberland

Get up close and personal with the birds of prey of Kielder, it’s a great experience to discover over 60 of Great Britain’s birds of prey in northumberland with the addition of Wallabies too.  You’ll be sure to see some of our amazing flying beasts including owls, eagles, falcons, hawks and vultures 

What to expect from our birds of prey centre, firstly your session will begin with an introduction to our birds of prey delivered by one of Kielders fantastic experts. Once familiarised, get to know these impressive beasts further, where you can hold and fly a range of owls, falcons, vultures and eagles. Exciting we know, but it doesn’t stop there! Delve into our hawk walk, where you can fly a hawk over the Northumberland scenery, watching as it swoops and soars and finally returns to the glove. 

Get the most out of your bird of prey experience in northumberland by visiting our centre in the morning for a look at our impressive birds and in the afternoon for flying demonstrations, as your ticket is valid for the entire day. Family tickets are available for two adults and two children and cost £23. Be sure to pack your camera as there will be lots of photo opportunities throughout your session. 


What birds of Prey are in England?

Do you know how to identify birds of prey, these are large, predatory bird species, which are highly recognisable by they’re hooked bills, sharp talons, strong feet and invaluable eyesight and hearing. The English birds of prey come in a variety of shapes and sizes but can be best categorised as: 

Hawks & Eagles: 

These flying beasts range from medium to large in size, with impressive round or broad wings alongside their evident sharp talons. Can be spotted as they soar through the sky. 


Slightly smaller than Hawks and Eagles, categorised as small to medium birds with tapered wings and tails. These birds are renowned for being fast and agile and can be spotted hovering whilst flying. 


Some may ask are owls birds of prey? The answer is yes! Owls can vary in size from small to large have rounded heads, small hooked bills and are highly nocturnal.  


All available to see in our birds of prey centre in northumberland! Don’t miss out on a great experience whilst visiting Kielder Waterside.

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Kielder Aerial Video

A birds eye view of the stunning Kielder Water.

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