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Discover Pond Dipping at Kielder Waterside

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Pond Dipping at Kielder Waterside

Get closer to Kielder’s underwater residents, with our exclusive Pond Dipping activity, a great adventure for all the family, from tiny tots to adult explorers. Get dipping at Kielder!


What is Pond Dipping?

  • Gives step by step guides on what’s needed and what to do
  • Safety advice

Pond Dipping is not only a fun filled activity that gets you up close and personal with Kielders underwater residents, it is educational. While experiencing Pond Dipping you will discover the wildlife that lives within our waters, be able to identify beasts, bugs and amphibians.

What do you need to kick off your Pond Dipping experience?

  • A net to capture Kielders aquatic life
  • A container to put your creatures in
  • Activity sheet, to allow you to record your newly found underwater friends
  • Spoons are a good way to transfer your creatures
  • Magnifying glass to get up close and personal with the creatures

What can you expect from your Pond Dipping?

  1. Fill up your containers with pond water and put aside for your newly caught creatures.
  2. Approach the water calmly to avoid scaring any creatures away, once there have a look into the water to identify any creatures and their behaviours, before attempting to catch.
  3. Once ready slowly lower your net into the water, and move in a gentle figure eight motion.
  4. After some slight loops, lift the net and place into your container. Once complete get ready to discover your beasts, bugs and amphibians. Make a log of your discovery and maybe even give your friendly creatures some names.
  5. When done carefully pour your container back into the water, releasing your friendly friends back into their natural habitat.

Pond Dipping Safety.

Youngsters and water can often bring about danger, but here at Kielder we take safety very seriously, as you and your little ones Pond Dip we will be sure to keep you safe, with a few precautions, ground rules and supervision.

Not only do we want to keep you safe, we want to keep our pond creatures safe and happy in their natural habitats too, we do this by keeping handling to the minimum with our over excited dippers.

Are you ready to become a pond explorer at Kielder Waterside?

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  • What our customers have to say

    "We had a fantastic holiday. Walked around the majority of the reservoir. Facilities were brilliant, hot tub at the lodge especially."

  • What our customers have to say

    "Brilliant holiday with lots to do for all ages and abilities."

  • What our customers have to say

    "Absolutely beautiful, tranquil surroundings. A perfect get away for all my family. Brilliant for my cycling brother ; for me and my dog excellent walks and glorious scenery for everyone. Hot tub was a complete joy. Feeding the birds, and other wildlife was amazing. I can't recommend it highly enough."


Kielder Aerial Video

A birds eye view of the stunning Kielder Water.

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